Like Twitter for good deeds – iphone app encourages random acts of kindness

We really like this idea!!


The state of social media in small business.

A recent study reveals that even though business owners use social media for personal use, they do not want to invest in social media for their business.


Ice delivery, technology and unemployment

So here’s an interesting theory; Technology is the source of all economic problems, mainly unemployment.  Now honestly, we respect these ideas but we don’t have to agree with them.

Sure it’s true that some professions are no longer relevant. Middle-man for example are almost no longer needed (Check out Gary V’s blog on this issue) and people can deal directly with each other or with other businesses.  But that’s always the case with progression. 

Many years ago, long before people had fridges in their houses (Yes kids, there were times like that..) there used to be an “icemen”, yep a real iceman, a guy who delivered ice every morning so people we’ll be able to keep their food fresh…but those days are over we no longer have to buy ice-blocks, carry them into our house and brake them to pieces as technology developments allows us to keep our food frozen and fresh for a long period of time by having a modern fridge at home.

Technology is not the source of unemployment it just shifts profession and create new instead of the outdated ones. But people will have to adapt! Like the guy who used to deliver ice, his only chance to survive was to change his profession.  He will become a technician, a driver, an employee at the refrigerators factory, he will have to study and shift his focus, he will have to adapt.

Technology can create more jobs, by being connected, by allowing free and fast access to information and to other people, more jobs will be created.

Think how easy it is to hire people these days, why being connected means that we can share knowledge, assets and actual work for the benefit of our communities and communities abroad and by that create new possibilities every day.  A “fresh blood” is now running into the veins of the old economy and change the way we think, the way we consume, trade and spend our money.

But like the icemen, we must learn to adapt.


Connectedness and the future. Comments from the GigaOM Road map 2011

So where are we heading now with the new web & mobile waves of “being constantly connected” ?

Some of the most influential leaders in the industry shared their thoughts yesterday at the 2011 GigaOM Road map conference.

We really liked what Brian Chesky’s said that “The first wave of the web was getting people who were offline to log online; the second is connecting people once they’re online; and the third wave is getting people online together offline”

A link to the full story

AirBnB’s Brian Chesky talks about his vision of peer to peer economy

We put this link here because we think that the simple concept of AirBnB proves that if people are willing to share their own houses they’ll share much more than that; knowledge, cars, tasks, experiences, anything!

Micahel Arrington invests in Gogobot – The innovative travel recommendation startup

Yep. That’s exactly what we’re talking about…It’s the era of knowledge sharing. Gogobot is offering a social platform for sharing knowledge on vacations and traveling.  Information and know-how can be useful only if we got it in our hands or if someone is willing to help us and share it with us.

The new round – $15 million from Redpoint Ventures, CrunchFund and previous investor Battery Ventures

Jeff Pulver is talking about the future of community and technology at the #140 Characters conference in Tel-Aviv

Jeff Pulver talks about the power of technology to connect between people. We like it not just because we think he is a great guy but also because we think that this is the future of knowledge sharing.

People can connect Now to someone in their own neighborhood, get to know them, share information and use their help to solve daily problems when in the past even a short “hello” was considered to be  too much to ask.

You should really watch this video…

Watch the interview with Jeff Pulver on community and technology